A small but passionate team of seasoned pros, HighViz has the experience and expertise to get the job done right and thoroughly. We pride ourselves on creating unique campaigns, caring about each and every last detail equally as much as the big picture. We are driven by an eagerness to collaborate with clients, partners, vendors, and contractors who share our gusto for great marketing.


Heather crunchie - Principal

My thirty years’ experience working at agencies, publishers and client companies have taught me that successful marketing stems from embracing a company’s essence and communicating it consistently across all aspects of the brand experience. I believe that it’s imperative to work collaboratively to identify the brand essence, and to define objectives that are meaningful and measurable. This gives us a solid basis for developing strategies and tactics that are on target and have the highest measurable results. When we passionately believe in the brand message we’re touting, we’re able to surpass expectations and create memorable marketing that connects emotionally with audiences.

I’ve been fortunate to work within the building products segment for the past twenty years, both on the manufacturer and agency side. My favorite projects in my portfolio are the ones where the clients were willing to step into slightly uncomfortable territory in a commitment to standing out. These include an interactive walk-through forest trade show exhibit for Willamette Industries, a series of educational videos for Ainsworth Engineered that resulted in record-breaking click-through rates, and the LP Legacy "Tested Extreme" campaign where we test OSB against Mother Nature.

Great creative is a result of solid objectives and smart strategies. Developing these requires a level of partnership and trust between agency and client. This is what drives everything I do.


Kristy Willson - Art Director

Call me crazy but I think design should be more than just cool or pretty. It should be strategic and, most importantly, it should get a reaction. Whether I’m brainstorming strategies, conceputalizing ideas or designing final concepts, I love being in the trenches doing everything and anything it takes to make a marketing strategy work harder. My time at Art Center College of Design not only taught me the basics of design but also the power of conceptual and innovative thinking. My 20 years in the advertising industry has allowed me to build on that and perfect what I learned while producing award winning work for everyone from start-ups through Fortune 100 companies.

My work has appeared in Adweek, Archive, Creativity, Print and Art Direction magazines. I credit the great clients I’ve been fortunate enough to work with for trusting me to produce great work; work that made me a multi-year winner at the One Show, New York Festivals, Art Director Annual, The Obies and the Northwest Addys. This success came about, in part, by staying true to the brand and the strategic marketing message, then finding a way to present them in an innovative and memorable way.