LP Legacy tested Extreme

In a remote forest north of Vancouver, the HighViz team joined product managers from LP Building Products and two of the world’s leading kayakers, embarking on the ultimate testing mission: to demonstrate the strength and durability of LP Legacy™ sub-flooring by exposing it to one of Mother Nature’s biggest extremes. Under the lens of adventure photographers and videographers, the team sent an LP Legacy sub-flooring panel over the edge of Britannia Falls, a 70-foot drop at 625 cubic feet per second.

As part of the Tested Extreme campaign, the HighViz team led product research, brand identity, strategy and content development for promo and behind-the-scenes videos, microsite, digital media, print media, social media, sales documents and playbook, eblasts, and trade show marketing.

Bestbath Branding and Content Marketing

Universal design expert Bestbath was the best kept secret in the bathing industry, with tremendous expertise on accessibility in the bathroom, and aging-in-place, yet with limited brand awareness to trade audiences. We created a new visual approach for the brand, and developed a succinct brand-messaging platform that quickly conveyed its unique strengths, with an emphasis on Intelligent Design.

HighViz extends that messaging through Bestbath’s content marketing program, leveraging Bestbath’s vast knowledge on universal design and common code challenges to provide resourceful information to trades, via innovative live-recorded teaching sessions, engaging webinars and informative articles and blogs. The result has been active market engagement, and the delivery of highly qualified, nurtured leads to the sales team.



“Let’s Talk” Trus Joist Brand Campaign

Creating meaningful B2B advertising for a commodity like wood can be challenging. So when Weyerhaeuser wanted to communicate the value of the Trus Joist brand, the agency’s strategy was to reach builders on a personal level—the success of their business. Unusual visuals—high-end seating in an open-framed job site—draw attention, while wry headlines highlight challenges builders can relate to. Copy addresses how reps help solve problems, closing with an invitation to “sit down and talk—and build your business together.” Because in a commodity industry, it’s not about the manufacturer’s products, it’s about helping the customer solve their problems.



The International Sea Turtle Society comprises leading sea turtle researchers and scientists from around the globe, all working towards a single goal: to conserve threatened sea turtle populations around the world. We've assisted in sharing their story via strategic PR outreach, leveraging events such as their annual symposium to communicate the value of their research and the importance of conserving this keystone species.



HighViz' youngest client, 13-year-old Roxy Crunchie, wants to see western monarch butterflies rebound along the west coast, and realizes that in order to achieve this, she needs to enlist others to accomplish this goal by planting native milkweed, and caring for young monarch caterpillars. We've supported her extensive community outreach through PR, gaining broadcast coverage for her group planting events, her budding Monarch Monitor program which engages children to raise and release monarchs, and newspaper coverage sharing her vision as well as resources for those wishing to get involved. 

To date, her direct outreach has personally touched hundreds of Portland area students, and this combined with media coverage has resulted in a ten-fold increase in requests for milkweed seeds through Oregon Milkweed Project.